A grant opportunity for Canadian writers and graphic novelists:

The OAC offers the Writers Reserve program (program name to be changed in 2017) through which a recommender (like ELQ/Exile) receives applications. On average, ELQ/Exile allocate $32,000 to fiction writers, poets, non-fiction writers, dramatists, and graphic novelists, through a multi-tiered selection process that arrives at a final list of recipients – for us, on average, 16 people (with allocations between $1,500 and $2,500 to each).

For years ELQ/Exile has been one of the top recommenders with its “high volume” of applications. As a regional publisher, we also look to support regional talent.

  • We encourage all creative people to submit.
  • In our deliberations, all submissions are considered equally, decisions made based on merit.
  • We look to support a diversity of talent so that we may enable vibrant and pluralistic creativity.
  • We also look to publish – from our selections, when appropriate – those works of literary and visual arts that we feel reflect our mandate and mission.