The Excelsis Group

The Excelsis Group is a registered non-profit that will launch in October of 2017. The mission of the organization is founded on an educational mandate to create forums for cultural matters vital to Canadians. Our team and programs are dedicated to supporting writers, artists, ideas, and thought-provoking conversation. We achieve our mission and mandate across multiple related platforms:

  • The publishing of ELQ magazine four times a year – in print, tablet, and smartphone editions.
  • A book publishing partnership with Exile Editions that supports throughout the year the publication of Canadian-authored books by writers from Indigenous, culturally diverse, minority and marginalized backgrounds, as well as emerging writers – in print, tablet, and smartphone editions.
  • Through a mentoring initiative that pairs established writers with emerging talent so that we may hone their craft, readying it for publication – first a selection in ELQ, then a completed manuscript in full-book form with Exile Editions.
  • Through a mentoring partnership with KOBO Canada in which our senior writers work with the emerging writers program offered by KOBO.
  • Our curating the Excelsis Talks and Speakers’ Series events across Ontario, and at venues across the country.
  • Posting original, high-quality content in our News Feed at, Exile and
  • Through the support of digital projects such as The Exile eBook Series, and a partnership with KOBO to release digital anthologies that present collected works that have appeared in ELQ over the past 45 years.
  • Partnerships with Toronto colleges in which courses based on content from ELQ and Exile Editions trains young professionals in publishing, print media, social media, marketing and promotion, and non-profit development.