Toronto Star reviews Life Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson

Great review in the Toronto Star (July 22nd) on our July release of Richard Atkinson’s memoir (written with Joe Fiorito) The Life Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson: read review
Also, in the same Saturday Star, we were featured in the City Nights (Entertainment) section, photos taken at the 75-plus people-in-attendance book launch on July 6, at A Different Booklist bookstore on Bathurst at Bloor. Thanks to Tom Sandler for coming out and making us all look so good! And we couldn’t have done it without Barry Callaghan hosting the evening. Great characters like George Chuvalo, Marvin the Weasel, and James DuBro also out to celebrate what the Star review says is “a riveting memoir, a no-holds-barred saga … dense with detail and characters who evolve – like The Sopranos.” And if you can see the City Nights section, Gabriela Campos – without whom Exile would not be – is out to share in the fun of the event. Plus, deep gratitude to Patrick Gossage for being with us along the way as we continue to bring Ricky’s book to the public’s attention! Note: To see the City Nights photos (Star Touch pix) you need an iPad or iPhone and the free Star Touch app.



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