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ELQ/Exile and Exile Editions produce short videos as a way to expand your reading experience. Certain issues of the magazine, and books by Exile Editions, feature authors either in an interview setting, or performing a reading related to their work that has been published.  You can enjoy these online features here, or by simply scanning the QR codes found throughout the print issues (or use the traditional method of entering the URL into your browser). Note: smartphones often require the user to download a reader, many of which are available free online… do so, and enjoy.

You can also visit our YouTube channel – Exile Writers Series – where more than 35,000 people have viewed our videos.


Below are some samples:

John Reeves (posted two years before his death. As part of a memorial to him, we presented a special feature of his work in ELQ 40.4).

From George Elliott Clarke’s 2016 book with Exile Editions.

ELQ 39.2 – Mark Raynes Roberts

ELQ 39.1 – Ray Robertson

ELQ 39.1 – Eric Fefferman

Gloria Vanderbilt, CVC5 Awards

ELQ 37.3 – Matthew Loney

ELQ 37.2 – Norman Snider

ELQ 37.2 – Halia Kuchmij

ELQ 37.2 – David Sobelman

ELQ 36.4 – Stephanie Raynor

ELQ 36.4 – Kathleen McCracken


Rishma Dunlop speaks about her piece “Paris”

Ken Stange on his story “Heart of A Rat”

Ken Stange, winner of the Vanderbilt-Exile Short Fiction prize for a writer at any career point, speaks about the importance of the competition and Exile’s support of writers.


ELQ 35.2

Daniel David Moses reads three new poems.

John Reeves speaks about his work as a photographer.

Zoe Stikeman speaks about being a young writer.

Bruce Meyer reads his story “The Stallion and the Sultan of Swat”


ELQ 35.1

Exile/ELQ Transformation – a visual feature on the history of Exile: The Literary Quarterly:

Leon Rooke (April 2011) reads from his new April series of poems; nine poems appear in 35.1:

Norman Snider (April 2011) speaks about film and fiction writing; his story new story, The Real Deal, appears in 35.1:

Gloria Vanderbilt (May 2010) in conversation about writing; three new stories from her coming collection The Things We Fear Most, appear in 35.1:

Christopher Adamson (May 2011) speaks about how the new Exile/Vanderbilt Short Fiction Competition arose from his winning Gloria Vanderbilt’s Carter V. Cooper Fiction Competition (U.S.) in 2006:

Christopher Adamson (May 2011) (May 2011) reads from his story, My Friend George, appearing in ELQ 35.1:

Adriano Spatola, the famed Italian neo-avant-garde/experimentalist author:


Exile Translations Series

Introduction to our translations

Author Claude Tatilon on his translated novel, A Pinch of Time

Translator David Homel on his work, completed with Jacob Homel, to translate the  novel A Pinch of Time


Exile Editions’ first book to be fully enabled with QR codes ~ Alphabestiary

The book’s trailer video.

The co-authors read “Dragon”

Author H. Masud Taj does a calligraphic rendition of the Contents page.

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